Spring Roll 5.95    
Fried vegetable dumpling

Fried Oyster 6.95

Gyoza 4.95
Steamed or fried shrimp dumpling    

Sumai 4.95
Steamed dumpling             

Toba Tofu 4.95
Deep-fried bean curd w/ sauce     

Edamame 3.95

Yakidori 6.95
Skewered Shrimp, beef or chicken         

Spicy Shogun Wing 7.95
(5 piece) Spicy chicken wings double-glazedw/ Itzmi special sauce

Negimayaki 7.95
Thin slices of rolled beef w/ scallions

Calamari Tempura 6.95
Deep fried squid w/ sauce        

Crab Cheese Tempura 6.95
Stuffed tempura shell w/ crabstick cheese, cucumbers, & seaweed    

Vegetable Tempura 5.95
Deep fried vegetables            

Shrimp Tempura 7.95
Deep fried shrimp and vegetables

Ika Teriyaki 9.95
Pan fried squid prepared w/ teriyaki sauce    

Soft Shell Crab 12.95 
Deep fried fresh soft shell crab


Miso Soup 2.00
Japanese traditional bean paste soup w/ tofu, seaweed & scallion        
Clear Soup 2.50
Fish hot broth w/ tofu, seaweed & scallion
Seafood Soup 6.95
A medley of seasoned shrimp, cod, scallop, squid, crabstick, scallion    


House Salad 2.95

Fresh garden vegetables w/ homemade ginger dressing

Seaweed Salad 3.95

Japanese seaweed w/ special seasoning

Kimchi 3.95

Spicy Korean cabbage 

Spicy Crab Salad 6.50

Cucumber, crabsticks, tempura flakes, tempura flakes w/ spicy mayo

Avocado Salad 6.50

Avocado, cucumber, crabsticks, w/ spicy mayo

(Served with Soup, Salad, and Rice)

Negimayaki 18.95
Rolled beef w/ scallions                

Kalbi-gui 21.95
Broiled short rib w/ vegetables             

Gyoza 15.95

Steamed or fried shrimp dumpling w/ vegetables    

Sumai 15.95

Steamed shrimp dumpling w/ vegetables        

Seafood Udong 15.95 

Soup with thick rice noodles and shrimp, scallops, squid, cod, crabstick            

Combination Yaki-Dori 19.95
Beef, Shrimp, Scallop, Chicken w/ teriyaki sauce

Soft Shell Crab 19.95
Fried soft shell crab w/ teriyaki sauce   

Itzmi Special Box 25.95
1 California roll, tempura,chicken, Negimayaki, sumai, gyoza, scallop

Hot Stone Pot 14.95
Assorted vegetables and egg, w/ Beef,chicken, shrimp or Tofu

Teriyaki Dish(es)

Beef Teriyaki 19.95  

Chicken Teriyaki 15.95  

Salmon Teriyaki 19.95  

Calamari Teriyaki 18.95   

Shrimp Teriyaki 21.95       

Bulgoki Dish(es) 

(Pan-fried meat, vegetables–Reg. or Spicy)

Pork Bulgoki Dish 17.95  

Beef Bulgoki Dish 18.95  

Chicken Bulgoki Dish 15.95  

Calamari Bulgoki Dish 18.95     

Katsu Dish(es)

(Breaded meat cutlet w/ katsu sauce)

Tonkatsu (Pork) Katsu 17.95 

Chicken Katsu 15.95    

Tempura Dish(es) 

(Served with deep fried vegetables)

Shrimp Tempura 19.95  

Chicken Tempura 15.95  

Seafood Tempura 19.95

Combination Dinners

Chicken & Beef 21.95 

Negima & Tempura 22.95  

Chicken & Tempura 21.95 

Shrimp & Beef 22.95 

Chicken & Negima 21.95 

Beef & Tempura 22.95 

Shrimp & Scallop 25.95


Vegetable Tempura 13.95
Deep fried vegetables w/ sauce on the side

Toba Tofu 13.95
Deep-fried bean curd w/ special sweet or spicy sauce

Sautéed Vegetables 12.95
on bed of fried rice  and toba tofu  


Ice Cream 2.00
Vanilla or chocolate    

Japanese Ice Cream 3.50
Green tea or red bean            

Japanese Mochi Ice Cream 3.95
Green tea, red bean, strawberry or mango    

Banana tempura 4.95
Delicately fried banana w/ vanilla ice cream topping            

Ice Cream Tempura 4.95
Deep fried vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate syrup and whipped cream